My Conky Configuration

i have just discovered Conky. It is an elegant, unintrusive, lightweight, yet powerful system monitoring application that can just sit in the background of your desktop. i use it to display the current time, weather conditions, as well as various system statistics.

In this post, i shall share my Conky configuration, and hope that it will be helful to get you started on this tool.

First, a screenshot of Conky on my desktop:

One thing to add is that, besides the standard Conky variables, i also make use of the conkyForecast python script to display the current weather information. Basically, i use the execpi call to periodically execute the python script and obtain an output based on the conkyForecast template file. The output is then parsed by Conky and displayed along with all the other information.

Here are the various configuration files that i used:
    .conkyrc - the main Conky configuration file
    .conkyForecast.config - configuration file for conkyForecast
    .conkyForecast.template - conkyForecast template file, for formatting the weather section

Have fun experimenting with Conky!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, I'll play with that for a while.

Cheers from someone in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I just found this, did you ever upload it on deviantART? Either way it's pretty damn good thanks alot