Google Desktop Gadget: On-Screen Ruler

The On-Screen Ruler is a simple ruler gadget that helps you to align, and also measure the distance in pixels between your desktop elements (other gadgets perhaps). It has major and minor markings just like a conventional ruler, and you can click on its solid handle to rotate it (to use it horizontally or vertically.)

Options for this gadget include:

Ruler Thickness - Thickness of the ruler in pixels. (Acceptable values are between 50 pixels and 150 pixels.)

Ruler Length - Length of the ruler in pixels. (Acceptable values are between 200 pixels and the screen width.)

Division Size - Number of pixels between each division marking. (Acceptable values are between 10 and 100.)

Major Marking Interval - Number of divisions between each major division marking. (Acceptable values are between 5 and 20.)

Colour - Colour of the ruler and its markings. Select from:

This gadget is hosted on Google Code and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.


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