Google Desktop Gadget: Flickr Photo Frame

i have finally got my very first Google Desktop Gadget submission accepted and listed on the Google Desktop Gadgets listing page.

The Flickr Photo Frame is a simple digital photo frame gadget that randomly displays a Flickr user's photographs.

The main reason for writing this gadget in the first place, is that i wanted to randomly display my Flickr photos on my desktop. There are already a few similar gadgets available, but i thought i would implement a new one with options that i thought would be useful. Another strong objective, of course, is to use this opportunity to learn how to write a Google Desktop Gadget.

The digital photo frame is a simple one, with the following features:

- Change of displayed photograph after a configurable interval (with optional fade transition).
- Display of the photograph title when hovering the mouse cursor over the photograph.
- Opening of the original Flickr page for that photograph in default browser when clicking on it.

The options available for the gadget are:

Flickr User Name - Name of Flickr user whose photos are to be displayed.

Size - Size of the photograph to be displayed. Select from:
    Thumbnail - Maximum of 100 pixels on each side
    Small - Maximum of 240 pixels on each side
    Medium - Maximum of 500 pixels on each side

Refresh Interval - Number of seconds between each displayed photograph change. (Acceptable values are between 10 seconds and 3600 seconds.)

Fade Transition - Whether to use fade-in transition for displayed photograph change.

Photo Alignment - Where the displayed photo will align to. Useful if the gadget is to be placed along an edge of the desktop. (Because a photograph usually will not be of a perfect square dimension.)

All comments/suggestions/criticisms on how to improve this gadget are welcome! Furthermore, this project is hosted on Google Code and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, so feel free to have a look at the source code, build better gadgets on top of it, or contribute back to this project.

Do try out the Flickr Photo Frame and let me know what you think.