Simple Grdr - Version 1.2.0

1. Added Function to Send Out an Article

This function is accessible from the article list by long-pressing on an article title, or from the article view by pressing on the phone's Menu button. It allows the user to select from a list of channels through which to send out the article's title and URL. Examples of such channels are in-built ones like Gmail and SMS messaging, as well as those exposed by other installed applications such as Seesmic (for sending URL as a tweet).

Simple Grdr - A Simple Google Reader Client for Android
Simple Grdr - Version 1.1.0


Simple Grdr - Version 1.1.0

1. Added Option to Store Cache on SD Card

Previously, the application cache was stored on phone memory. With the enhancement, user can choose to store the cache on the SD card instead to free up phone memory for more applications.

2. Minor UI Enhancement

User can now easily scroll to the top/bottom of any page. When scrolling, just follow through and move finger all the way to the edge of the screen to have the page go to the end in that direction.

Reference: Simple Grdr - A Simple Google Reader Client for Android